Saturday, July 18, 2009

OK... so we may have been a little preoccupied for the last 4 months?

As many of you know our house project had a pretty substantial deadline. Our first baby was due at the end of July (and of course the old house had sold) so we needed to GET MOVED IN!

We continued to take pictures of the work on the house. Just haven't kept up on posting...

We're going to do our best to get caught up here if we can. The progress of each step may get abbreviated a little to get it all in...

So here goes:
As we got closer to the closing date of our old house we had to really move fast to get done (enough to move in at least!)

When we figured out that the wood floor in the dining room and living room was beyond repair we decided to replace it with a similar look. We decided to go with a quarter sawed White Oak to kind of stay with the period and match the kitchen cabinets. A few buddies, beer and a dumpster got the old floor pulled down to the sub floor. It was hard knowing that we were tearing out hundred year old Siberian oak... but one wiff of the 'pet stains' and we remembered why!

I screwed down the entire sub floor (ship lap on the diagonal) to make it tighter and reduce creaky spots. The sub floor doorways to the outside needed to be replaced along with a few broken spots.

I took a class as a refresher on how to install hardwood flooring and rented all the equipment to do it.

Here is Liesl laying out boards of the new flooring. Yes 7 months pregnant! (What a trooper!)

Installing around the fireplace.

Nice straight boards!

Piece of cake...

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