Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Deck Ducts and fresh paint

Remember this one? Grimy stairwell to the basement.

A fresh coat of paint makes a big difference!

We had new furnace duct work put in a few rooms that didn't have it. Here is the supply and return running up to the office in the attic. It worked out well to have these ducts come through right next to the chimney. This will be behind the wall of cabinets and shelves to the right of the stove.

The kitchen also got heat for the first time. This is the ductwork before it pops out under the cabinets in the back of the kitchen.

Fresh new ducts heading to the bedroom and living room. The old ducting was likely 50 years old or more and leaked really bad.

There has been an immediate effect in the house since all this work has been done...

MUCH WARMER (imagine that)

With the smell of fresh paint and cozy temps... it is actually starting to feel like we could live there.

After getting the plumbing and ducting completed and ready for inspection we cleaned up the basement. Even IT felt a little bit cozy.

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  1. Its a select few in this world as excited as I am about these pics