Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dry wall is coming along in the kitchen

the view up at the wires in the ceiling of the kitchen
getting covered up

Bob Villa would be proud.

Getting the seams and holes all taped and covered with joint compound (mud really does sounds better huh?)
This will be our mini nook/ bar/ kitchen book shelf/ liquor cabinet area at the end of the stove wall.
A little more work and we will have it painted and ready for cabinets to go up!

Speaking of cabinets...
We got to see ours this week! They look incredible. We chose the stain and finish colors for both the cabinets and the floor. It is a heck of a mouth full but this is what we are getting: Flush mount, inset face, French White Oak shaker style cabinets with euro hinges....
As soon as they are up we then have the task of picking hardware.

All we have to say is if you need a recommendation on cabinets or other wooden furniture, we have THE guy!
Doug Vincent Furniture. Go no further. Their work in top notch and Doug is a fantastic guy.

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