Sunday, January 4, 2009

Into 2009 we go...

LD smooth coating old gross texture...

Liesl scraping a bedroom ceiling (yes it really did look a bit like the moon)

I had the week between Christmas and New years off of work to keep plugging away at the house. The flu hit right about Christmas so I had to lay low for a few days before getting back to it. My goal was to get as far as possible on replacing the plumbing and hang dry wall in the kitchen.

Well thanks to 'Arctic Blast 2008' the electrical work was pushed back 2 weeks and we hadn't passed our inspection to be able to cover the wires... so the was no dry wall hanging.

I got some great help from my buddies Forrest and Ben during the middle of the week and they helped skim coat and paint the bed room ceilings. Liesl bought the bed room paint and as soon as it is up the bed rooms are done! We also worked on smoothing out the living room ceiling and prepping the box beams for primer.

By the middle of my week off I finally hit stride and made nice progress each day.

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