Monday, December 29, 2008

How we got here

With a fantastic Realtor, a few strokes of luck, and a dash of boldness we were able to buy this house in the wonderful Laurelhurst neighborhood. A 'three' bedroom, one bath with an unfinished basement and all kinds of potential.

As we have learned it was the first house built on the block on Couch Street. A unique bungalow built in 1913 with only two (yes... unbelievable) previous owners.

We knew right away that we owed the house a lot of our time and that we had to do it justice with the renovation.

Part of the deal in buying the house was that it came with the 'personal property in it... aka LOTS of junk. Closing happened quickly and we had to make plans to get it cleaned out so we could get down to the business of fixing it up. The house had good bones but needed a fairly substantial make over. The kitchen was a full tear out, but the rest of the house really just needed fresh surfaces.

We didn't waste any time and the day after closing we got straight to work. LD and I had vacation plans to go to Mexico the week before Thanksgiving but somehow decided pulling out stinky carpet would be more fun than white sandy beaches (sigh).

Three 30yd dumpsters, an army of wonderful friends (fueled on pizza and beer), and 3 days later we cleaned out the whole house. My buddy Eric and I gutted the kitchen down to the studs, and then a little further. We had folks sweeping out dust from the 50's in the basement, priming bedroom walls, and doing laps to Goodwill in their cars.

And we thought we would be in 'put it back together mode' in short order...

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